Thinking together, to stand apart.

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Studio SO are a commercial interior architecture and design agency partnering with clients to deliver creative spaces that are beautifully impactful yet highly functional. Traditionally architecture, design and branding are created and delivered in silo with minimal interaction between teams and each interpreting the next stage in the journey without the knowledge of what came before. Unlike other studios we combine architecture, design and brand identity thinking to every project, together as one team, under one roof. This close working relationship between skillsets allows us to deliver a more efficient, streamlined and cost effective process for our clients while the diversity of our team and unified approach results in a more consistent, seamless, thoughtful and impactful experience for the customer. We create together. It just makes sense. 

Significant Others was founded by Interior Architect, Ruth Galloway and Creative Director, Michelle Ridley. S-SO was born to challenge silo thinking and embrace collaboration. Driven by todays experience economy and their high expectations the results are a rich, engaging customer experience at every touchpoint.  We beleive in thinking together to stand apart.

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Identity and environmental graphics are fundamental to every commercial design and build project. In addition to developing overarching brand led concepts, we design all elements of projects from wayfinding and signage down to the menu your customer holds. 

We design;

- Concept, Positioning and Brand Guidelines

- Naming and Logo Design

- Wayfinding & Signage

- Large Wall Graphics and Artwork

- Menu, Food & Drink Photography and Styling

- Websites and Apps

- Brand Collateral 

- Uniforms and Branded Merchandise

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39 Commercial. Street,
Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6JD
+44 (0131) 560 2330

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To produce interior architecture is to design and build everything but the facade (and even that we often do). We create spaces that balance beauty, function and a sense of the unexpected. Through our unique process, our designs are smart and inventive yet function perfectly.

We transform;

- Hotels

- Bars

- Restaurants

- Live Music Venues

- Co-working and Workspaces

- Co-living and Student Accommodation

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